What Jewelry Should I Wear In My Headshot

What Jewelry Should I Wear In My Headshot?

Less (bling) is more as far as your headshot session is concerned. Jewelry is designed to catch attention. It’s your day to sparkle; keep the focus on you. As an example, take a look at this headshot below. Are you at all bothered by the lack of jewelry? Did you even notice?

detroit headshot photographer.jpg

Before the session starts, we’ll do a quick jewelry check and offer specific suggestions based on what you bring. But in general, don’t stress about picking the perfect chain or pendants. Your final headshot image will be cropped pretty tight anyway, so only a tiny bit of the chain will show. This can distract viewers by making them wonder what was hanging there. It’s the details that matter in your headshot.

Earrings are fine, but avoid anything big or dangly. You don’t want a prospective contact to start admiring your earrings and forget why they wanted to contact you!

Have a specific question? Drop me note.