Meet Scott

I believe people hire people, so you must use a professional image that reflects who you really are.


I believe in a tailored suit, because I hate the idea that one size can fit all.

As a kid, my dad subjected to me to too much Car Talk and NPR. I'm forever grateful.

Scott Lawrence.jpg

I believe a Lego set shouldn’t have an age limit–because that’s age discrimination!

I’ve been known to buy a Lululemon t-shirt just for the cool bag. (Hi, I’m Scott and I have a bag addiction.)

I believe exercise must become a habit, and martinis are reserved for special occasions.

I believe a real watch ticks, but I love my Apple Watch too!

It took earning an MBA and a decade working for someone else to realize I'm much happier running my own show.

Scott Lawrence and son

I believe the best vacations are those without an agenda.

I believe it's more important for my kids to learn to communicate brilliantly  than to type 'properly.'