What Should I Wear to My Headshot Session?

What Should I Wear to My Headshot Session?

The most common question before a headshot session is “What should I wear?” Go with a simple, trusted look.

Why is simple better? The whole point of your headshot is to encourage the viewer to reach out and get to know you, hire you, or refer you to a friend. Distracting clothing won’t help that cause. It’s not the time to make a fashion statement.

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Clean neck lines and crisp collars are best.

Avoid big patterns and loud colors. Extreme colors can reflect the studio lights off your face and neck (giving your skin a color cast). Heavy patterns can quickly date the photo, and may make the image look out of place in some contexts.

Proper fit is critical.

This is especially true for a fitted dress shirt or suit. When in doubt, visit a good tailor to ensure your garment is tuned to perfection. They can do amazing things. 

You probably don’t need to buy anything new, but if you want an excuse to go shopping, use this as an opportunity to add (or update) one of those classic pieces — the kind fashion magazines say should be in every closet.

Finally, keep your options open. Always bring a range of items to your session.

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