Meet David Blair

Meet Dave Blair

There's a saying when talking about computer backups. If the data doesn't exist in at least three places across two physical locations, then it doesn't really exist. If your computer crashed tomorrow, could you simply grab the backup and resume your work? If you have any hesitation, you'll definitely want to meet Dave Blair of CV Tech. He stopped in the photography studio for a new professional headshot and social media images. Take it away Dave!

Scott Lawrence: Tell us about your business.

IT help is just a phone call away. Contact CV Tech.

IT help is just a phone call away. Contact CV Tech.

Dave Blair: CV Tech is a technology company in Rochester, MI, offering a wide range of IT services including PC and server support, network installations and managed services. We specialize in small business support; these businesses have unique challenges, and we’ve developed some powerful solutions for these customers! We also provide field service to larger organizations requiring local field service.

SL: What’s unique about how you do what you do?

Dave: We think and act like an IT department, not a vendor. This means we're advocates for your business goals and objectives. Even better, our team listens and communicates in familiar terms, not technical language you don’t understand. We specialize in finding creative solutions to technical problems, solutions that improve reliability, reduce cost, and add value.

SL: What’s the one thing most people don’t know about your business or industry, but should?

Dave: The performance and reliability of most business computer networks can be dramatically improved with just a few small tweaks or upgrades. Sometimes we completely overhaul customer networks, rebuilding everything from the ground up to deliver a top-notch network with fantastic performance. Just as often though, we just change a few settings or components to deliver significant improvements at a fraction of the cost.

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