Should I wear my glasses in a professional headshot?

Should I wear my glasses in a professional headshot?

Wondering what to do about your glasses for an upcoming headshot session? If you wear glasses a majority of the time, you’ll probably want them on for your session. That’s how people are used to seeing you. After seeing your headshot, prospective clients should be able to recognize you in a crowd. That’s the whole point! 

But what about glare? Glare typically isn't a problem these days since most lenses have anti-reflective coatings. Photographers are used to dealing with subtle reflections, so don’t worry.

Still on the fence? Bring them along and we’ll try a few shots with and without to see what looks best. You’ll have options!

Remember, the most important thing when dealing with glasses in a portrait is that you clean your lenses! Light smudges can be addressed when retouching the image, but my goal is always to get it right in the camera.

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