Meet Lynn Oates

Meet Lynn Oates

Rochester native, Lynn Oates is the perfect client to kick off my featured client posts here in Michigan. Lynn, like most small business owners, is her business. If she's not networking around town, her business will feel it. I asked Lynn to share a little about her work. Take it away Lynn...

Lynn Oates

Scott Lawrence: Tell me about your business.

Lynn Oates: I'm a loan officer with Envoy Mortgage in downtown Rochester.

SL: What's unique about how you do what you do?

Lynn: At Envoy, we fully underwrite in advance! Most competitors provide a preapproval that is usually based on a few documents at best. It's not a true underwriting approval. So the mortgage process doesn’t really start until the client has made an offer on a home. We put our clients in a better position because they are fully underwritten, often before the home shopping begins. Because we are underwriting in advance, buyers enter the purchase negotiating process from a stronger position.  We are also typically able to close purchase loans in 21 days—half the time of the national average! An extra few days makes a big difference, especially when relocating or trying to make a school deadline.

SL: What's the one thing most people don't know about your industry, but should?

Lynn: Your credit score is a huge driver in the qualification process and in your interest rate. If you know you'll be house shopping, it's never too soon to begin addressing any credit blemishes.

SL: What's your favorite thing about Rochester?

Lynn: Everything!  I live, work and play downtown because we have the best of everything! A walkable downtown, great shops and restaurants, amazing charities and non-profit organizations, events all year long, hobbies for every interest. Rochester has it all!

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