Meet Therapist Sarahlin Smith of City Cove Counseling Services

Meet Sarahlin Smith of City Cove Counseling

Today’s client interview features therapist, Sarahlin Smith, of City Cove Counseling Services, based in Troy, Michigan. After getting to know her during our session, I knew I had to stop in her office for a few followup photos. The canvas on her office wall is actually a drop cloth she used in her play and art therapy sessions. To me, it’s a striking piece of art. But once I understood the context — it was created by many individuals as they worked through their healing process, it nearly brought tears to my eyes. 

Scott Lawrence: Tell us about your business.

Sarahlin Smith: City Cove Counseling Services provides psychotherapy to individuals, families and couples in Troy, Michigan. We provide care to children, adolescents and adults using developmentally appropriate modalities of care to increase mental health functioning, improve management of psychological symptoms and improve relationship functioning.

Basically, we help people through their feelings, difficult experiences and life story to help them thrive in life.
Sarahlin Smith

What’s unique about how you do what you do?

I have experience working with individuals in almost all stages of life. This strengthens my scope of practice and understanding of human experience. My office uses traditional talk therapy techniques and amplifies them with expressive arts techniques, mindfulness, and Play Therapy techniques in order to make the best use of the many ways our minds can work through challenges. I’m also working toward becoming a Registered Play Therapist in an effort to further strengthen my work with children. 

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What’s the one thing most people don’t know about your industry, but should?

Many successful and psychologically well people seek therapy, and it helps them to thrive in life. Seeking therapy before a crisis can provide strength and resiliency to weather any crises that may come. If you are thinking about finding a therapist, finding the right fit now ensures you have the support you need in the future. 

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