How to Frame Your Headshot

How to Frame Your Headshot

Think about the last time you walked into a doctor’s waiting area. Maybe you’re seeing someone new today. Maybe, you’re a little nervous. Seeing a few approachable staff headshots on the wall as you walk in might ease the anxiety just enough.

The majority of my clients first publish their images on their websites, LinkedIn, or social media, which is wonderful.

But don’t forget the power of print.

Framed Headshot Wall.jpg

I believe the printed image is so important that I wanted to bring in some reinforcements to discuss how to display your printed professional images in the office.

Welcome today’s guest contributor Diane Iglesias. She’s a professional picture framer, based in Rochester Hills, Michigan. I continue to be amazed by her creativity. Diane and I have teamed up to show you some headshot display and framing options suitable to any business. If your office is in the Detroit area, Diane is happy to come out to your business for a consult.

The sample images here show a mix of sizes and arrangements to give you an idea what is possible. Diane recommended we try the metal frames you see.

Framed Headshot.jpg

Scott Lawrence: Diane, why the metal frames? Are they any easier to manage or hang?

Diane Iglesias: There were several factors in choosing this particular frame. First, it is the perfect accent to the headshots, keeping the majority of focus on the face. The style of frame is on trend with the clean urban look many businesses are focusing their interiors on. They are easy to keep clean, easy to take apart in case a picture needs to be swapped, and are a very reasonable price.

Diane, I would expect in some offices, it’s possible they haven’t even considered hanging photos of the staff. How do you begin?

In my business and local networking activities, I’m finding that people are seeking connections, people like to deal with people they know, like and trust. So before we’d even begin framing other art or mementos in the office, I think you’ll want to consider showing your people. For example, having a display of your team where your prospective clients or visitors can see it, can present a more personable image of your business. I’ll help you select the best wall for the display, by taking into account the natural light in the area. It’s important to ensure your display won’t get blasted with light early in the morning or late afternoon.  

What if the staff changes or the business grows? Can these layouts accommodate a growing organization


Think of each grouping of photos as a “capsule”. You can add on to each side of the capsule with another capsule. Or, if you have a tall wall. You could put one grouping capsule above the other.  

How big do you recommend the prints & frames be?

A professional headshot should be very clear and crisp. So prints in the 5x7 or 8x10 range would, in most cases, be perfect.  Just remember that you want the viewer to see the pictures clearly. We’ll also take into account the viewing distance of your specific space. For example, if you have a large open space, you may want larger images. But for a small office lobbies or even a hallway, the viewer won’t be standing far from the prints. So a nice collection of 5x7s may be adequate.

Diane, what if an office has been looking for some art to hang as well? Is that something you can help with?

Yes, I can Scott. I have an access to an endless amount of prints and can find what you’re looking for, at a price point you have in mind. I can even assist you from start to finished product without you ever having to leave your office.

If you have more questions for Diane, drop her a note or visit her facebook page to see some of her recent work.

If you’re ready to round up the staff for an office headshot session, drop me a note.