Rochester Christmas Parade 2016

Rochester Christmas Parade

Since coming to Rochester, Michigan, everyone has told me the Christmas Parade is not to be missed. So this weekend, we bundled up and walked down to Main St. and watched over an hour’s worth of floats go by. I lost count at 80!

Rochester Parade

The streets were packed—impressive for one of the first very cold days of winter. Roads were closed. Countless volunteers were running around making the whole thing happen. I could tell they’ve done this before. 

Rochester and Rochester Hills businesses were well represented. Other floats represented a huge cross section of the community, from elected officials, non profits, school organizations, bands, dance teams, football teams, and even the Clown Unit of the fire department showed up (with their truck nearly on fire, of course). 

Rochester Parade

What an event! Kudos to all the volunteers, Rochester and Rochester Hills, and the Chamber of Commerce for pulling it off. I can’t wait to see it again next year.