What to do with your headshot outtakes?

If you haven’t had a professional headshot session, you’ll be surprised at how many times the shutter clicks. Having a couple hundred frames is not out of the question.


Why so many options?

Of course, most clients need just 2 or 3 final retouched images. Perhaps something with a formal outfit and then something a little more casual. The casual looks are great for connecting with your potential clients.

Instead of wardrobe variations, many clients like to have a serious look and then something with a big smile — it all depends on the audience you want to connect with.

Throughout your session, we’ll be working hard on this range of expressions. And sometimes that involves a goofy face or two…


Why the quirky headshot faces?

The truth is that taking you through a range of expressions with various prompts (and bad jokes) helps us get to your most authentic looks — the ones your best friends will recognize. It’s often the expression right before or after the strange face that’s the keeper. In those moments your mind tends to forget about the task at hand and your guard is down just long enough to capture the very best frames.

But can the outtakes be used for anything functional? Absolutely! These images are probably your most authentic — people will connect with them (and love them on social media). If you run a small business or personal brand I challenge yourself to sprinkle a few into your marketing. After all, you are what makes your business unique. Nobody can steal you from your business.

Outtakes in context

As an example, my friend Heidi of TheToffeeStore.com stopped in the other day. She of course makes amazing toffee, which makes a perfect corporate gift. The business is all her. Her clients keep coming back because of her. Sure the toffee is amazing, but she’s the key differentiator.

If you’d like some help make more of a presence in your business marketing, I’d love to chat.

And try the toffee, you’ll love it.