Headshot Tips from the Experts

Long before LinkedIn required you to upload a photo, actors and entertainers, were the primary consumers of headshots.

Today, whether you’re an accountant or entrepreneur, you need a fantastic headshot to make the first impression and begin building trust.

Check out these headshot tips from the acting world, the headshot experts.

I particularly like tip #3 — It’s all about the eyes.

The eyes are the core of a great headshot. An engaged, approachable and authentic look starts from the eyes. It doesn’t take much to spot a forced smile with extra cheese.   

They made a great video too. Interestingly, while the advice is geared towards actors, it’s really no less applicable to those looking for a corporate job. Some hires are done with an interview, some via audition. The headshot plays the same crucial role. If you have questions about your headshot, I'd love to help.