Headshot Makeup Basics

Good makeup is an important part of a great headshot. It deserves some attention.

As with everything else in life, there are two options to consider: do-it-yourself, or hire a professional.

(Note: This isn’t at all fair, but as I mention when I give headshot tips for guys, men can typically get away without any makeup. However, when women are photographed without makeup, the look can appear incomplete because it’s just not what we’re accustomed to seeing.)

DIY Makeup

If you’re comfortable doing your makeup yourself every morning, you should have no trouble taking the DIY approach for your headshot session. But note that the look you’re going for may require some adjustments from your daily routine, and it’s definitely not the same as your night-on-the-town look.

Check out this excellent post on headshot makeup, with basic pointers about everything from foundation to powder. They explain the difference between a “natural look” (which is what you want), and “light makeup” (which isn’t necessarily the same thing).

For a more extensive step-by-step tutorial for headshot-ready makeup, this post has you covered.

Hire A Professional Hair and Makeup Artist

headshot makeup

While not absolutely required, I highly recommend you consider professional styling for your session. Clients tell me all the time how much they enjoy the extra pampering.

You can stop by your favorite makeup store or salon before your photo session (the links above will help you communicate the look you’re going for), or we can arrange to have a professional join us at the shoot.

Don’t Stress

I never want clients to feel stressed going into a session, so choose an option that feels good to you. When you schedule your headshot shoot with me, we’ll have a conversation to cover any specific questions you have and figure out what makeup and hair styling options make the most sense for you. Whatever you decide, we’ll have you looking your best! If you're ready to discuss some options now, just drop me a note and I'll be in touch.