We Strapped Blades to their Feet!

We had a great time in Cleveland. In fact, we even dodged a bit of snow (not something Cleveland is known for). But it's good to be back in Chicago.

We spent time with family and even did a little ice skating! Skating with little kids is pretty brave by itself–I mean they're challenging enough to contain, so why not strap blades to their feet? Oh and remember not to pick up your kid with skates on... 

To make it more interesting, I was lugging my camera around the ice. I love making photographs in tricky situations (kids, ice, blades, past bed time–a perfect combination).

And if you read my last post, you might be wondering about the drive home... The image below pretty much sums it up. Both kids were out cold for a good 2 hours! I caught up on a few podcasts and we stopped only once during the 6 hour trip. I'd call that a win for Dad. Now back to work, spring break is over!