Meet Magpie Media

Meet Jacquelyn Gutc

If you're receiving my newsletter, you know that I've brought in some reinforcements. Jacquelyn Gutc, of Magpie Media is my new editor. Its amazing what happens with a little coaching and accountability. If you're struggling to keep up with your blog or newsletter, she can help. 

Jacquelyn is also a client of mine. When you're the center of your business, it can be tough to put yourself out there. But she took the big first step with a personal branding session. Now she can be in her own marketing material rather than reaching for the stock photos.

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Tell us about your business.

Magpie Media was founded on a passion for clear, creative and effective communication. We help connect businesses, nonprofits and professionals with their ideal audiences near and far through content writing, editing, email marketing and other creative marketing tactics. We illustrate who you are as a brand and what benefits you offer, inspiring people to work with you.

What’s unique about how you do what you do?

My natural curiosity and background as a newspaper reporter prepared me to run a business where the client base varies widely. I know how to ask the right questions to quickly learn about an industry I was previously unfamiliar with and to get down to what makes a particular company tick. My career in journalism also taught me to break down complex topics so that the general public understands them. This is an incredibly important skill as I write and edit for clients today because it means that I can help them cut through jargon and ensure that their target audience will interpret their written content in the way they want it to. If a company's content misses the mark because it was too complex or written for the wrong audience, they miss out on customers/clients and money.

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What’s the one thing most people don’t know about your business, but should?

Our potential clients understand that it's important to have a company blog and newsletter, but many think that one or both of those content vehicles in particular will have clients flooding their inboxes or phone lines. That's why it's always important for us to set realistic expectations with new clients for what marketing efforts will achieve. 

For example, your email newsletter probably won't make a dozen potential clients decide to call you that minute, but maybe it reminded an old networking contact that you're out there, so they call you for coffee and that meeting leads to an amazing referral who becomes a long-term client. And your website visitors may be unaware that you published a new blog post, but Google noticed, and the culmination of ongoing content additions to your website helped increase your search rank, leading more people contact you as the result of an online search. Content marketing doesn't always offer a clear one-for-one ROI but that doesn't mean it isn't working wonders for your business.

Where should readers go to learn more about the business?

Check out the website at Or the facebook page. And don't forget LinkedIn.