Out of Chicago Photography Conference

This weekend, I’ll be attending the Out of Chicago Photography Conference! Each year, I try to attend at least one photography workshop or conference. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and learn some new tricks. Thanks to an onslaught of online training options, it’s easy to talk yourself out of actually jumping in the car or catching a plane. But no webinar can truly replace the personal connections made at in person events.

One of the things I love about photography is that the learning never stops. And this particular conference is geared toward that fact. The schedule is full of speakers from a variety of disciplines - from architecture to street photography. Only a slice of the content deals with portraiture, my passion. And that’s one reason why I’m going. Learning about other photographic genres is a perfect way to put a new spin on old perspectives. For example, I’ll be sitting in a few lectures on street photography. Street photographers, by definition, strive to be invisible. The best images are usually made without the subject even realizing an image was captured, thus preserving a special authenticity. When shooting a Day in the Life session, I want to be discreet. Sure, my clients know I’m there, but anything I can do to blend in a little better is beneficial.

In addition to lectures, the conference will also have several photowalks. Yes, we’ll be out running around Chicago! Photowalks are great, because only a fellow photographer can appreciate the idea of spending hours shooting The Bean from every conceivable angle.

Stay tuned for a debrief next week! And I promise to pick just a couple images to show you.