Day In The Life Photography in Lake Forest

As summer fades from Chicago, I wanted to recap a great summer session that was long overdue for a post. My day in the life family photography sessions are designed to let you simply enjoy the time with your family. If you’re stressed during a family portrait session, you’re doing it wrong. Laughter, tears, meltdowns, kisses and hugs, cookies, and even a bucket of water can be found in these sessions.

There’s no posing. Just pick out whatever activities you want to do that day. The Sweet family of Lake Forest had quite the brisk schedule!

When I arrived, the boys were already well into the first baseball game. An extra sticky round of street hockey followed, thanks to the super high humidity. With cookies in the oven, the whole family played an intense game of shinny (look it up).

Dad took a breather with the latest issue of GQ after a hard played hockey game. And then came some good old fashioned fun with a slip and slide, a hose, and a bucket.

To me, family photography is not about picking out the perfect subtly coordinated outfits, or finding just the right light in a random field. It’s about enjoying the authentic moments (with all the drama, good or bad) together as a family—doing whatever it is you like to do together.

Check out the video for the whole story!