A Day In The Life Family Session

How was your last family portrait session? Were you worried the kids might not cooperate and that you’d have to bring out the bribes early just to salvage the session? Or maybe someone spilled a snack on his shirt (sometimes husbands need a little extra help).

As a family photographer, what if I told you not to worry about any of that on your next family session?

In any given day, your family has a lot going on. Weekdays are packed with school, homework, after-school activities, and don’t forget dinner! The weekends can be busy with birthday parties and special outings, and those moments of relaxed downtime feel too precious to interrupt by grabbing the camera. Whether they’re crazy or quiet, these are some of the most authentic times you share together. So why not trust a professional to capture them? It’s better than crossing your fingers that everyone will be on their best behavior for the 45 minutes of a staged family session.

I had a great time using this approach with Courtney, Vanessa, and their parents. I spent a few hours at their house in Libertyville — home is always a perfect location — and simply photographed their lives on a typical weekend afternoon. We colored, played in the doll house, baked cookies, and rolled around in the grass. Vanessa even snuck in the chance to literally hose down her big sister!

Get the whole story with this video, but beware of Vanessa with that hose! 

As a parent, this type of session is a huge stress reliever because stage fright isn’t a problem. Maybe someone’s a little nervous at first, but there’s plenty of time for things to settle down. All you really need is a handful of basic activities on hand. Then just let the kids make the agenda.

With the images captured, I’ve thought a lot about how best to showcase the session. Elizabeth, Courtney and Vanessa’s mom, summed it up perfectly. It’s not the type of session where you’re looking for a ‘bingo’ shot. In fact, we’re telling a story, which has a range of emotions and details that maybe only a few close friends or family members would catch. How do we tell stories with pictures? With an album! These sessions will include a keepsake album for your family to enjoy, share with friends, and pass on to your children. Another option will be a video slideshow (as shown above) highlighting the images that best tell your story.

I’m so excited for these new day in the life family sessions. If you’d like to schedule one, drop me a note, we’ll have a chat and set up a shoot!