Saddlebrook Farms Community

The last few months have kept me busy with lots of headshot photography. But recently, I had a unique commercial project come up. The Saddlebrook Farms retirement community in Grayslake was in need of some new marketing images to showcase the development.

A community is not just the space, or the activities, or the people, it’s all these things. Saddlebrook Farms needed photos that captured it all. I had to be ready for real estate photography, capture some great landscapes, and also to do portraits capturing the residents in their daily activities. It’s rare for a single project to involve three very distinct types of photo work. But I love the challenge.    

Probably my favorite part of the day was meeting the members of the woodcarvers’ club. These folks were making some amazing stuff. With more time, I would've sat down and picked up a block of wood myself. Then again, I was reminded of the time as a kid I tried to open every blade in my new Swiss Army knife — all at once. I still have the scar. I’ll stick with the cameras and leave the sharp objects to the experts.

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