Dancing Back in Time


Many years ago, in high school, I photographed a dance class for my friend Lori. I was always impressed with her talents, especially since I have zero ability in the dancing department.

Can you tell that these images were captured on film? The aged and grainy look is all natural. Shooting film was lots of fun, a whole different experience really. But it did have limitations. Today, an iPhone would likely produce technically better images in the same light, especially for the action shots. But the film definitely brings out a great feel.

A few years ago I scanned a lot of my old film images, and I’m glad I did. When Lori sent me a note asking about those pictures, I was able to load them right up. I’m sure the negatives are around somewhere, but I couldn’t tell you where.

Today’s tip: Scan your old photos or negatives.

I’ve used a service called ScanCafe on several occasions. The process is a simple, just box up photos, negatives, or even video tape. They’ll scan it and send you a link. You can then review the scans and purchase what you want. This feature alone is great because you don’t have to spend time deciding exactly what to send. Just ship it all in and then decide later online.

Go find a box of old photos and send in a few for scanning. Your family and friends will be glad you did—after getting over the embarrassment of your next #tbt post.