Palm Trees and Pumpkins

Jacksonville Beach Family Photographer – Pumpkins.jpg

Palm trees and pumpkins in the same photograph? Now that's what I call spooky.

Halloween in Jacksonville still seems odd to me. I grew up in a colder climate, where it wasn’t uncommon to squeeze a puffy winter coat underneath your plastic superhero costume. I remember coming home after trick-or-treating and feeling more excited to get out of all those layers than I was about the candy! Maybe this is why I appreciate the idea of a good 'breathable fabric' from Lululemon.

I do miss the fall leaves and spectacular midwest colors. We always had to be careful of the neighborhood prankster hiding out in the piles of leaves. Don’t get me wrong, fall in Florida is great, but we just don’t have seasons here.

Take a moment and share some of your own halloween memories with your kids this year. Go ahead and dig out those pictures of you as a kid in your halloween finest—that’s what those pictures are for! As you’re making lots of new memories this year, be sure to take some photos of the getting-into-costume moments as well as the gorey, smudged-make-up, sticky-finger aftermath. It’s all part of the fun.