Photography services for your small business. 

Designed to tell your story online and in print.

Are you overwhelmed trying to keep up your online media presence while actually running your business? As a small business owner, your web and social media persona is increasingly essential to your success. Showing off your personal touch makes you more competitive. So take another look at your website... Are your photos current? Do you have a headshot of every member of your business? Do the exterior photos of your storefront reflect current signage or improvements? And do your product photos reflect your latest offerings?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of those questions, I’m here to help. As a portrait photographer with experience in real estate, interior design and fashion photography, I can bring a consistent and polished look to your business’s web and social media presence. Consumers want to see what it’s really like doing business with you. Stock photos and selfies just won’t do if you really want to stand out. 

Focus on running your business and I’ll capture the images that make it shine.

Get in touch about a free consultation, and we'll discuss your business, current website and put together a custom plan for you.


Exterior or Storefront Image: I’ll photograph the exterior of your storefront for use on your website, social media profiles, or in print.

Staff Photos: After a full consultation, I’ll recommend a headshot plan to best promote you and your staff. 

Interior Photos: Your clients or customers want to see you in action. Interior photos of your storefront will give potential customers a preview of what to expect and remind past clients of the great environment you've created to bring them back in.

Product Photos: We’ll review your current product photos and discuss options to best showcase your offerings. If your products change seasonally, we can even schedule a series of shoots so your web presence stays very timely.

Video Slideshows: A slideshow of your new images is perfect to show off your business.

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