Photographing children is my passion. To me, there's nothing more fascinating and challenging the watching these little lives unfold. By their nature, children are as authentic as one can be. Emotions can change on a dime, from high to low and back around again. You'll know exactly what's on their mind. It never gets old.

As a dad, I've seen it all and know what to expect. These little wonders keep us on our toes from sunrise to bedtime, and sometimes through the night. But these moments are gone in a flash and I want you enjoying them with your child - for better or worse.

My job is to photograph your children in their element, alongside their friends, siblings, or with you! Let me take one job off your list for the day. I'll capture the priceless expressions so you can be in the moment!

What Can I Expect?

A family portrait is by no means a formal occasion. Creating a relaxed environment for you to enjoy your family is my primary goal during any session. Authenticity makes the photograph!

Complete the contact form on this page and I'll get in touch with you soon for a free consultation. We'll pick a location, a time, and discuss wardrobes.

Expect some running around during the session! If there's a playground, we'll use it. If there's a lake, we just might put our feet in.

What Should We Wear?

Most importantly, everyone should be comfortable in whatever they're wearing. It's probably not the time to break in those new shoes. 

Keep things simple, err towards neutral colors and minimal jewelry to keep the attention on you and the little ones. And avoid clothing with big logos or graphics. And no, you don't all have to match.

What if my kids don't listen?

A photo session is not the time to instill discipline. I believe in time outs just like most parents, but not during a shoot. During a shoot, bribes and promises of ice cream are fair game!   

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