A quality headshot has never been more crucial for more professionals. Your image, whether on social media or on your company’s website, is part of your professional identity. If you’re jobseeking, your headshot is an extension of your resume. If you’re attracting clients, your headshot is an extension of your handshake. If you’re blogging, your headshot adds credibility to your writing.

If you work for an organization and need images of your staff, I can help too. Years in the corporate world has given me an understanding of the typical needs of larger businesses. I bring the studio to you during the weekdays. And I’m sensitive to the demands of employees and mangers - your time will be respected.

Great. How does it work?

I serve Chicago and Lake County and can bring the studio to you. Private or group sessions are easy to schedule. Individual session packages start at $275.

Complete the contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible to answer any questions you have. We can talk rates and design a session to meet your needs. 

Does it hurt?

Actually, my clients and I usually have a lot of fun in our sessions. You can even make an event of it! Consider hosting a headshot party for your friends or colleagues. Have a good time, look good, network, relax.    

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